Remote/Distance Quantum Biofeedback (in English)

The QUEX ED®, from QX World Kft, Hungary, is a computer-operated, non-invasive energetic technology that combines body analysis and stress reduction. The device detects stress in your system and may reveal the reason of the stress by Quantum Biofeedback. Your body has an amazing self healing capacity and the QUEX ED reminds the body how to heal. The device has a vast amount of programs for physical, mental and spiritual issues.

The stress reduction can reduce various types of health problems such as digestive disorders, pain, mental issues, autoimmune disorders, fatigue etc.

What is a session like?

You contact me via e-mail to book a session to: Before the session I will send you a form to fill out and return to me.

The biofeedback may be performed when you are hooked up with straps around wrists, ankles and head in Örebro. However, Örebro might be far from where you live. It is also working very well with remote biofeedback, i.e. similar to distance healing. You may be comfortable in your own house resting while the biofeedback training is performed. The device will find your energy through the information you fill out in the form (birth data, adress etc). Biofeedback during sleep may be more efficient than when the client is awake. Thus, if you live on the other side of the world the session may be performed during your night time. I will contact you after the session if possible, by skype, zoom or another suitable solution. I will also send you an e-mail with the information from the session.

Biofeedback sessions

Regular Biofeedback session

As a first session, a Regular Biofeedback is recommended. Your system is scanned with the QUEX ED and imbalances are identified. In the first session, we will go over; nutrition status, identify what organs are the most stressed, what emotions that influence you the most, if there are infections in your body, identify any mental traumas etc. At the same time, those issues will be trained by the QUEX ED. All information will be summarised and sent to you in an e-mail a few days after the session. A summary will be sent to you after every session but the first session will have the most information together with recommendations included.

If you have specific symptoms and issues the QUEX ED may show information of the reasons.  Then we focus on the areas that are the most stressed.

I use Vedic Astrology to see health issues in your horoscope to make the Biofeedback session more efficient. You will get a short summary of the horoscope as well. To get a correct horoscope you will have to include the time of birth in the form that I send before the first session. I will not be able to look at your horoscope without the correct time of birth. Of course, the Biofeedback will work without the birthtime if you don’t know it.


Rate: Remote Regular Biofeedback: € 110, USD 117. Time: 90 min.


Automatic Biofeedback session

After at least one of the regular Biofeedback session it is possible to choose some suitable focus areas in the automatic program. However, this program will not provide any information. Still, it will efficiently train your system to heal. Examples of focus areas to choose from are:

General health: General stress reduction, anti-ageing, beauty etc.

Physical body: Inflammation, injury repair, infection, fibromyalgia, pain etc.

Mental body: Brain symmetry, improved mental function etc.

Emotional body: Trauma, depression, addiction, PTSD, attention deficiency etc.

Spiritual body: Chakra system, Electro Transcendental Meditation etc.

Also, it is possible to let your system choose what areas of focus that it (i.e. your superconciousness) would like to train.


Rate: Remote Automatic Biofeedback: € 85, USD 91. Time 90 min.


Special offer #1: 5 sessions to the price of 4

Every 5:th Biofeedback session of the same kind is for free. They have to be booked within 1 year.

Rate 5 Remote regular Biofeedback sessions: € 440 (regular price € 550), USD 470 (regular price USD 587)


Special offer #2: Three regular sessions and two Automatic Biofeedback sessions

They have to be booked within 1 year. Rate Remote Biofeedback: € 400 (regular price € 500), USD 427 (regular price USD 533).


Biofeedback – animal session

Biofeedback on animals work very well since animals generally are very open minded. I will contact the owner before and after the session.

Rate Remote Biofeedback: € 80, USD 85. Time 70 min.

Special offer, animals: 3 sessions € 200 (regular price € 240), USD 213 (regular price USD 256).



Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Doctor. Therefore I can not claim that I, nor the device that I use, will treat, diagnose, or cure any medical conditions. The QUEX ED device will train your body to improve its self healing capacity.